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Georgia is on our mind but beef is on Georgia's mind. Join America at the grill and make this summer sizzle as United We Steak.

Grilled Flank Steak and Peach Salad

grilled flank steak and peach salad

This recipe sounds just peachy to us. This simple salad features grilled Flank Steak, peaches, tomatoes, and lettuce marinated in a fresh mix of lime juice, orange marmalade, olive oil and jalapeno pepper.

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Meet Georgia Farmers: Steven and Tara Green

Meet generational cattle and poultry farmers Steven and Tara Green from middle Georgia. Steven and Tara run a cow-calf operation alongside Steven’s father. They utilize resources to enhance their herd genetics and animal husbandry practices with the most up to date information and technologies. They do this while also instilling traditional values in their daughter through life on the farm.

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georgia fact

Beef is one of the top 5 agriculture commodities in the state of Georgia. In fact, cattle are raised in all 159 counties.