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In a New York steak of mind? Join America at the grill this summer and celebrate our country with a sizzle and together, United We'll Steak.

Garden Herb Strip Steaks

garden herb strip steaks

The Empire State needs a recipe worthy of the name. Grilled New York Strip Steaks with a rub made from thyme, oregano, lemon and garlic will make you fuggedabout all other meals.

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Meet New York Farmer: John Kriese

John Kriese, a third-generation cattle farmer, owns Spring Pond Farm and Finger Lakes Cattle Company in Branchport, New York. In 2019, John was named the New York Beef Promoter of the year. In addition to farming, John is a retired teacher and an FFA Adviser helping share his knowledge to the next generation of farmers.

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New York Fact

About 20% of land (7 million acres) in New York is dedicated to farmland. These farms are top producers of items like milk, cottage cheese, sour cream, yogurt, apples, wine and grapes.