Spend the Day Celebrating Mom with Unique, Hassle-Free Recipes from Beef. It’s What’s For Dinner.

May 3, 2022

Country-Style Waffle Sandwich

A new spin on three easy Mother’s Day recipes that the kids can help prepare

A special gift and a homemade card will always make her smile. Pair that with a delicious meal that she doesn’t have to make to give mom the perfect, relaxing Mother’s Day treat! After a busy week juggling home life, work, and other projects, it’s important to give mom that much-needed break she deserves. That’s why Beef. It’s What’s For Dinner., funded by the Beef Checkoff, is serving up a few beefy recipes that will not only look like you put in the hours to impress, but will taste like you did as well.

Put a flower in a vase, have the kids get the tray ready and surprise mom with this Country Style Waffle Sandwich breakfast in bed. Made with Basic Country Beef Breakfast Sausage, eggs, frozen waffles, and toppings of your choice, this recipe is versatile and takes less than 30 minutes to make. Whether mom loves savory flavors like cheese and salsa or has a sweet tooth and enjoy syrup over her sandwich, this recipe is perfect for letting kids help customize just the way mom likes it. 

Another new and innovative twist using beef breakfast sausage are these Beef Sticky Buns. While most people are accustomed to basic cinnamon buns, the protein boost from the breakfast sausage accompanied by other savory ingredients will exceed all expectations or preconceived notions. Using either homemade or premade pizza dough followed by onion, spinach, mushrooms, cheese and jalapeno pepper jelly, this sweet and salty treat is best for brunch or for mom to snack on.

Once the afternoon rolls around it’s time to start thinking about dinner, but it can be hard to step away when you’re enjoying time with family. That’s where this Lazy Beef Lasagna recipe comes into play. Ground beef, prepared pasta sauce, and some extra spices give it that homemade heartiness while frozen ravioli make it quick to assemble and serve. It only takes 15-20 minutes to bake in the oven but if you want to save even more time, you can make it ahead the day before and store it in the fridge. Whatever the family doesn’t devour can also be saved for leftovers.

About the Beef Checkoff
The Beef Checkoff Program was established as part of the 1985 Farm Bill. The checkoff assesses $1 per head on the sale of live domestic and imported cattle, in addition to a comparable assessment on imported beef and beef products. States may retain up to 50 cents on the dollar and forward the other 50 cents per head to the Cattlemen's Beef Promotion and Research Board, which administers the national checkoff program, subject to USDA approval.

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