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Celebrate the milestones in life – from your first job promotion to a welcome-home party – and make them more meaningful with beef. This spring, we begin celebrating all those moments with friends, family, and everyone in between. All curated with stories and recipes we are sure you will come back to, again and again. So, grab a plate and join us!

Recipes that bring us together

Gochujang Beef Banh Mi Sandwiches

Banh Mi Sandwiches

Impress your friends with these Vietnamese sandwiches that takes any gathering to the next level.

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GRILLED sirloin steak kabobs

This kabob recipe scales up easily for a party! Try with other steak cuts as well home-grown vegetables from the garden.

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FY23 Brand Anthem "Apartment Movers" Still Image

beef & vegetable fried Rice

An at home version of a takeout favorite – this recipe feeds a crowd at a moment's notice.

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Cowboy Marinated Skirt Steak with Corn Salad

cowboy skirt steak with corn salad

Marination and easy prep makes these steaks the star of the party!

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Beef Bruschetta with Roasted Garlic-Feta Spread

beef bruschetta with feta spread

'Not your ordinary' bruschetta – creamy feta spread, and sun-ripened tomatoes are the perfect appetizer to start your gathering.

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Beef & Pasta Skillet Primavera

Ground beef & pasta primavera

Ready in 30 minutes, this speedy skillet dinner is perfect for last minute celebrations or special nights in.

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more delicious recipes to share

Lemon-Oregano Steak Marinade

Marinades and rubs

Take your grilling up a notch by pairing beef with a quick rub or easy marinade.

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Beef Lifestyle_Platter of steaks

grilling favorites

In a dinner rut? Grilling is a versatile way to change dinner up and works well throughout the year. 

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cooking tips

Beef Lifestyle_on Grill

grilling tips

What’s a tailgate without a grill? Whether you’re using gas or charcoal, check out our simple steps to perfecting the grill.

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outdoor cooking tips

Preparing and cooking food outside of the kitchen can be an exciting and delicious experience. Learn the tips and tricks to having a tasty, safe and properly cooked meal away from the kitchen.

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