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Burger Day

Nothing says summer quite like the sound of real beef sizzling on the grill, and there’s no better time to enjoy a juicy burger than this summer. Check out some recipes and tips for a delicious beef burger.

The Tastiest Burger Recipes

Classic Beef Cheeseburgers

Classic Beef Cheeseburgers

Master this classic burger recipe and you'll be the king (or queen) of the grill from here on out!

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Maple-Bacon Beer Burger


What's not to love about this recipe? Ground Beef patties are grilled and topped with smoked bacon and cheddar.

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Zesty BBQ Cheeseburgers


Who can resist a juicy Ground Beef burger with extra zip from barbecue sauce?

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Lean Mean Cheeseburgers

Lean Mean Cheeseburgers

Fulfill your burger cravings with these tasty classic beef burgers with added oats and seasonings.

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Bistro Cheeseburgers


Switch up your usual burger toppings with this French bistro-style cheeseburger recipe. Grilled onions and a tasty Dijon-style mustard sauce top these tasty cheeseburgers.

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burgers with grilled onion

more beef burger recipes

Explore these delicious beef burger recipes or get inspired to create your own. After all, as long it’s a beef burger on the grill, you really can’t go wrong.

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Colorful Burgers


At Beef. It’s What’s For Dinner. we’re always learning new insights about consumers’ love affair for all things beef. Registered dietitian and PhD in Nutrition Science, Shalene McNeill provides tips on how to "Beef Up" your burger this summer using fruits and veggies.

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Three Steps for a Perfect Grilled Burger

Perfect Burger Step 1

Set grill to medium and let heat for a minimum of 10 minutes if using gas or until coals turn white if using charcoal. Form patties and season liberally with salt and pepper. Place a dimple in the center of the burger patty to minimize shrinking and optimize cooking. 

Perfect Burger Step 2

Place burgers on the grill and cook approximately 4 to 5 minutes, depending on size and thickness. Flip burger and grill an additional 4 to 5 minutes or until the center of the burger reaches an internal temperature of 160°F. 

Perfect Burger Step 3

Avoid pressing down on burgers and only flip burgers once during cooking.

Beef Up Your Burger

Real beef burgers present a unique way to help make every bite count. There's an unlimited array of options to boost nutrition and flavor in beef burgers by incorporating tasty toppings like fruits, vegetables and whole grains.

Colorful Burgers

Pair with sides like roasted potatoes, juicy watermelon or sweet corn 

Colorful Burgers

Top with flavorful fruit such as pineapple, mango and tomatoes

Colorful Burgers

 Add layers of crunchy, vibrant vegetables, such as spinach, carrot slaw and red peppers

Colorful Burgers

Add low-fat cheese, avocado or hummus for extra creaminess

Get Creative with Burger Boards

As long as it’s a beef burger, you really can’t go wrong. Create a “Burger Board” with a variety of toppings, buns and condiments that allows you and your guests to get creative. Mix up the toppings, try different combinations or get inspired by others, the possibilities are truly endless. Here are some of our all-time favorites:

  • Southern Burger: Pepper Jelly, pimento cheese, fried green tomatoes (or tomatillo salsa) and coleslaw 
  • Western Burger: Onion Rings, BBQ sauce, pepper jack cheese and avocado slices 
  • Fiery Fiesta Burger: Salsa Verde with grilled poblano and jalapeño, Monterey jack cheese (or sub pepper jack cheese) and tomato
  • Grilled Hawaiian Burger: Grilled pineapple, Swiss cheese, sweet onion and BBQ sauce

More Tips for a Great Burger

  • Work with the Right Ratios: To ensure your burger isn’t all bun, form your patty slightly larger than your bun to account for shrinkage. 
  • Keep it Uniform: Before hitting the grill, put an indentation in the center of your patty so it cooks flat and prevents swelling in the middle. 
  • Patience Pays Off: Avoid the temptation of flipping burgers too early. Wait until the burger releases from the grill and only flip once. 
  • Keep it Hot: Always use a thermometer and make sure your burger is cooked to a safe and savory internal temperature of 160°F.