Braising / Pot Roasting / Slow-Cooking

The final result of this slow-cooking method is tender beef that melts in your mouth. Braising (or Pot Roasting) is the method of choice for large, less tender cuts of beef such as a Pot Roast or Brisket, using a small amount of liquid.

Cooking Tip

The cooking liquid may be thickened or reduced for a sauce, as desired.

Cooking Steps:

1. choose your cut

Some of the best cuts for oven braising, slow-cooking or pot roasting include: Chuck Pot Roast, Shoulder Steak, Short Ribs, Bottom Round Rump Roast, Round Steak and Brisket.

2. prepare your beef

Slowly brown beef on all sides in a small amount of oil in a heavy pan over medium heat. Pour off drippings. Season beef with herbs and seasonings, as desired. Add small amount (1/2 to 2 cups) of liquid, such as broth, water, juice, beer or wine.

3. cook your beef

Cover tightly and simmer gently over low heat on top of the range or in a preheated 325°F oven according to guidelines or until beef is fork-tender.

Identified by the 7-shaped bone it contains. Rich and flavorful, it’s ideal for the slow-cooker.

Good value and ideal to slow-cook for the most tender finish.

This lean, economical cut comes from the outside of the rear leg. It's generally best when braised, but can be roasted and sliced thinly against the grain. Bottom Round steak cuts should be marinated before grilling or broiling.

Economical and flavorful. Best when slow-cooked.

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