Looking to add the ultimate utility player to your team? Look no further than beef! Beef's taste and versatility are second to none, and beef's nutritional value plays a foundational role in supporting healthy lifestyles, from the early years through adulthood. Whether it's practice, game time or the celebration meal, Little League® families nationwide choose beef to stay fueled and satisfied.

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sports kids with beef

build your most valuable plate with beef

As a sports family, you know that life gets busy. The days are packed with school, practice, friends, and family time. Some days can feel like you are chasing a curveball from the moment you wake up to the last minutes of daylight.

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Summer Grilling

the ultimate grilling SWEEPSTAKES

From burgers to steaks to sliders, everyone knows that Beef is the best thing you can put on the grill! So... how 'bout a new one?

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Stir-Fried Beef Gyros in Pita Pockets

beef gyro pita pockets

Steak is stir-fried with onions and served with a yogurt sauce and vegetables in a pita.

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Classic American Beef Goulash

beef goulash

Goulash is a stew of beef and vegetables, seasoned with paprika and other spices. Serve with macaroni noodles and you've got a meal the whole family will love.

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Gochujang Beef Banh Mi Sandwiches

banh mi sandwiches

Master the grill with this simple but flavorful Skirt Steak recipe. Served alongside an equally delicious corn salad. 

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grand slam recipe collections

Confetti Tacos

little league® favorites

These classic favorites make the whole family stand up and cheer! From pizza to tacos to meatballs, Little Leaguers® love this kid-friendly fare.

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Philly Beef Cheesesteak Sandwiches

30 minute dinner steals

Make dinner a home run in no time with these easy, weeknight recipes for pasta, fried rice, chili and more, starting with ingredients you have on hand.

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ballpark favorites

Whether you're watching the big leaguers or playing yourself, these tasty ballpark favorites like nachos, sandwiches and snacks are fun to eat and even more fun to make!

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team cookout

team dinners

Cover your bases with these true crowd-pleasers that can feed the whole team, from meatloaf to brisket and everything in between.

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FY23 Brand Anthem


If there was a protein contest, beef would surely be crowned the king! Among the powerful package of 10 essential nutrients beef is known for, protein may be one of the most notable. In fact, one 3 oz cooked serving of beef provides 50% of your Daily Value (25 grams) of this important nutrient—making it an excellent source!

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beef's role in aN active lifestyle

Dr. Mike Roussell, PhD, and author of Strength: The Field Manual, is on the forefront of nutrition research and communication to offer strategies on living an active and healthy lifestyle.

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Family cooking in kitchen

handling beef safely

Beef has long been America’s favorite protein and rightfully so as it delivers great flavor and powerful nutrition. The following tips will provide proper safe handling guidance, proper cooking instructions and storage of cuts and leftovers.

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Mini Meatloaf Five Ways Step Shot 3 - saucing

beef on a budget

Beef is delicious, nutritious and oh-so-easy to prepare. And affordable too!  Explore some budget-friendly recipes, leftover ideas and cooking tips to make the most out of any meal.

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determining doneness

With more time at home, consumers can confidently reach for beef as a reliable staple to nourish themselves and their families. Beef is not only an excellent source of protein; it also provides bodies with the strength to thrive throughout all stages of life.  

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more Beef resources

Anchor Your Plate with Protein

anchor your plate with protein

For growing athletes' protein is a key component of staying fueled through practices and gameday.

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Batch Cooking Steaks

batch cooking basics

Keep healthy meals on the table and stress out of the kitchen with these simple suggestions from our team.

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Cut Swaps

steak swaps

New quick guide to steak cuts highlights beef’s versatility with options for every taste and budget to help consumers looking to try something new at the meat case.

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