Kid-Friendly Fare

Good nutrition is essential to fuel growth and development in children of all ages. And, incorporating more vegetables into family meals can be a solution to help children who aren’t getting enough nutrition from their calories each day. Make meals like mini meatballs, pizza and tacos even more nutritious by adding pureed or diced vegetables. Read on for more inspiration on how to “veggify” your favorite dishes.

Seasoned Ground Beef is mixed with corn and chunky salsa for a slight twist on the classic taco.

Beefy nuggets cooked in the oven, perfect for little hands to dip as they wish.

Piled high and chock-full of nutrients, this tower of beef and cheesy tortillas is sure to please everyone in the family.

This classic meatball recipe will never let you down! Make this a family favorite dinner staple in your house.

Combine lean Ground Beef with bread crumbs and egg whites to create perfectly tasty meatballs.

With a blend of your favorite veggies mixed right into the pizza sauce and topped with lean Ground Beef, you've got yourself an easy and totally irresistible pizza.

Serve this classic chili atop whole wheat noodles and offer kids a variety of toppings.

The perfect way to give leftover steak or roast new life, this hash is made with sweet potatoes and taco seasoning.

A breakfast win that everyone will enjoy. Put your steak or roast leftovers to good use in these easy-to-assemble breakfast beef tacos.

Ground Beef, peppers and onions are quickly sautéed and wrapped up with scrambled eggs. Serve with lime-cilantro cream and salsa.

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