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Nutrition Information and Resources for Healthcare Professionals

Beef is an excellent source of protein and supplies 10 essential nutrients including B-vitamins, zinc, and iron. Research and clinical studies have shown the various benefits to consuming lean beef and how it plays an important role in a heart-healthy diet and lifestyle. Learn more about the research and studies behind beef's nutritional qualities.

Beef is an excellent source of protein that contains essential amino acids. The high-quality proteins found in beef supports weigh management, satiety, muscle growth and repair as well as healthy aging.

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beef and health

Beef has an abundance of nutrients like B-vitamins, zinc, iron and protein and comes in a delicious package. Among the many benefits you get from enjoying lean beef, one of the most remarkable is its role in supporting health. 

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Mediterranean Beef Meatball Kabob

all about lean beef

Improvements in raising cattle and enhanced trimming practices have led to more lean beef cuts available to choose from. Lean beef has less than 10 grams of total fat in a 3 oz. cooked serving.

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nutrition through the lifecycle

Humans generally require the same nutrients throughout life, from infancy to adulthood. The amounts of certain nutrients vary depending on the stage of life but eating beef can help meet these different nutritional needs.

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The Beef Nutrition Education Hub, managed by a team of nutrition scientists and registered dietitians, is an education portal tailored to support the needs of the health and nutrition community. Create an account, access on-demand courses and earn complimentary continuing professional education credits approved by the Commission on Dietetic Registration.

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Nutrition Seminar Program

The Nutrition Seminar Program, funded by the Beef Checkoff, works in collaboration with State Beef Councils to provide credentialed health and nutrition experts to speak on cutting-edge issues at State Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics meetings, as well as other state-wide meetings and conferences whose audiences include credentialed health professionals. 

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Health Professional Fact Sheets

Nutrition infographics

Use these educational fact sheets and infographics to share nutrition information about beef with your own audiences.

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School Foodservice Recipes

Beef Nutrition Virtual Learning Experiences

Check out a variety of educational resources focused on a broad range of beef-related topics. If you are a healthcare professional seeking continuing education credits, visit the Beef Nutrition Education Hub, specifically tailored to support the needs of the health and nutrition community by providing complimentary CPEUs, approved by the Commission on Dietetic Registration and the American College of Sports Medicine.

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