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Beef Jerky is created with lean cuts of beef cut into strips and dried to preserve the flavor in a convenient, hand-held snack. It can be an easy way to add extra flavor to your meal or enjoyed by itself to add additional protein to your diet throughout the day. Full of essential nutrients, Beef Jerky is a great snacking option. 

On-The-Go Jerky Recipes

Whether you’re running errands or running marathons, beef’s nutrients are there to help. Enjoy all the great nutritional benefits beef provides while on-the-go with these handheld Beef Jerky recipes.

Beef Jerky Trail Mix

Beef Jerky Trail Mix

Looking for a convenient snack to fuel your day? Add store-bought Beef Jerky to a mix of nuts, seeds and fruit.

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Beef Jerky Granola Bars

Beef Jerky Granola Bars

Mix store-bought Beef Jerky with a blend of nuts, seeds, and fruit to create a granola bar that will stick to your ribs longer than the rest. Make these to last all week or before an activity with family or friends.

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Change it up with Beef Jerky

Add some extra protein and flavor to your favorite meals, snacks and appetizers. These classic dishes are great but they’re even better when Beef Jerky is added.

Beef Jerky Burger Sliders

Make this recipe for the next big game. Beef Jerky pieces added to a Ground Beef slider patty. Topped with all your classic burger favorites.

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Beef Jerky Baked Potato Skins

Add a new spin to a tailgating favorite - anytime of the year. Baked sweet potato skins are topped with Beef Jerky pieces.

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Using Beef Jerky to Fuel Your Day

Beef Jerky contains essential nutrients like protein, iron, zinc and B vitamins - all of which are important to help fuel our bodies and minds. As a convenient snack, Beef Jerky is great to have on-hand for after a workout or to provide a quick and easy afternoon snack. 

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